Detecting and Repairing Structural Damage. High-Rise Work in Alicante – Elche

When you are refurbishing a property, you should always take into account any damages to the outside of the building, to avoid any of the problems that have been solved reappearing. At PlanIt we can carry out high-rise and tower block work repair.

Often, when we start with the refurbishment of building premises or a house, we only look at the state of the inside of the building. The building work tends to focus on correcting flaws from within and we do not always reach the real origin of the problem.

On the whole, short-term solutions can initially be tempting, but tend not to last. It is therefore extremely important to make sure any damage to the facade of the building is repaired.

PlanIt offers high-rise refurbishment work to detect any problem on the outside of the building, such as cracks up the walls and on the roofs, and poor insulation. All this can lead to further problems at a later stage, such as rising damp on the inside.

This professional high-rise service is offered in the Alicante area by Jaime Antón Albentosa, Building Engineer and keen mountaineer.

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