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Hola, soy Jaime y soy Arquitecto Técnico. A través de mi empresa, PLANIT-AT, buscamos ofrecer un servicio completo a nuestros clientes, ocupándonos de todos los detalles técnicos y legales de sus proyectos. Intentamos comprender qué es lo que nuestro cliente quiere o necesita y le asesoramos sobre la mejor forma de llevarlo a cabo.

“Las Alquerías”, traditional constructions in Levante area.

The maintenance of the architectonic patrimony of our land is not only for the old town houses, it is also for the traditional country houses, very typical in the Levante area. In the surrounding area there are hundreds of these typical country houses. They originate back in the time of the Moorish occupation. Until quite recently these houses were occupied by the people who worked the land. During the last century, with the end of the agricultural society and the…

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Refurbishment of building façade in the historic centre of Elche

PLANIT has just finished the refurbishment of the façade of a one-hundred year-old house in the historic neighbourhood of “El Rabal”, in Elche. This area close to the centre of the city was built by the Moors who use to live there, wich is why the majority of the houses have a Moorish style. The refurbishment of the façade has consisted mainly in replacing the covering, sealing all the cracks, fixing a new skirting, and finally proceeding to the application…

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Rising Damp and Treatment

Rising damp normally appears in walls built with a very bad thermal insulation. Water from the ground rises through the porous materials of the pavement and walls and spreads into the brickwork by means of capillary action, rising through fine cracks in the masonry. Rising damp usually causes damp patches and stains up the wall up to about one metre. If the damp has not been detected or has been left it can seep higher up, spreading higher than two metres. Wet…

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Detecting and Repairing Structural Damage. High-Rise Work in Alicante – Elche

When you are refurbishing a property, you should always take into account any damages to the outside of the building, to avoid any of the problems that have been solved reappearing. At PlanIt we can carry out high-rise and tower block work repair. Often, when we start with the refurbishment of building premises or a house, we only look at the state of the inside of the building. The building work tends to focus on correcting flaws from within and we do…

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Keep your house insulated.

Keep your house insulated. We cannot really say that the intense summer heat is pleasant at all times. High temperatures can be so extreme, that an intelligent option is sometimes to stay out of the sun and try and keep cool at home. Is it possible to keep the house insulated from the heat? Yes, it is. If we have air conditioning units at home, we have to make sure that when the heat arrives we carry out a thorough maintenance of the machines.…

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Rehabilitation of village and old houses

When a rehabilitation village houses or rural areas is paramount urban aesthetic preserve of the old towns or The Area in which it is located, without generating contrast. While in Spain, the majority of citizens live in large urban centers, almost everyone has a small part of us that comes from one of the many villages scattered geography of the country. We always like to keep the roots wherever we have them and so become during weekends, holidays and bridges,…

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Condensation in my house

Planit finished my problems of condensation in my house. My walls in my bedroom were covered by mold and now are completely clean. Very professional since the very begining.

Quality and good price

Rehabilitated the old family farm lovingly at a reasonable cost.

Luis Sepulcre