Last damp solutions installed by Planit

Planit has solved the dampness problems of several houses located in Elda and Alicante, in the last few months.

In the last months, Planit has solved the damp in several houses from Elda-Petrer area, Torrevieja and Cabo Huertas, in Alicante.

In this case Planit solved the condensation damp of the bedrooms faced North and East in a single house.

Installing an input-ventilation system, the quality of the indoor air improves and the condensation disappears.

The rising damp it the houses from Torrevieja and Cabo Huertas, was caused by the contact of the walls with the soil. This problem used to be shared with corrosion in the columns, so the structural reparation has to be aswell done.

One month and half after the works were finished, Planit came back to the houses to take measures of the damp, then It was checked the walls were dried, ready for be repainted.

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