What we should know about building refurbishment

Refurbishing a building prevents later problems

The housing and building sector has been decisive in Spain’s recent history. This housing sector was once part of a healthy   economic growth and helped fulfil the countries ideal employment situation.

Many local businesses saw a great opportunity with the growth of the housing market, and certainly housing rehabilitation was established as a strong sector when the financial situation was running smoothly.

Today’s cultural and social situation have changed due to the difficult financial situation.  New-builds are less frequent as there are many houses that remain unsold after the real estate bubble has burst.

However, it is always necessary to maintain a building, and thorough housing rehabilitation is necessary in buildings from the 60’s thoughout Europe. The work that has to be done on buildings and facades includes such actions as getting rid of dampness, general property refurbishment, and structural rehabilitation of properties.

In coastal areas, such as the Costa Blanca towns of Elche, Alicante, Torrevieja, Orihuela and Santa Pola, where homes are subject to a gradual deterioration due to salty sea air, housing rehabilitation is vital, and specific actions focused on controlling damp should be taken into account.

This type of action does not only improve the visual appearance of buildings and minimise the impact of the loss of value, but it also ensures a high quality of life and protects the welfare of our family. Housing rehabilitation is necessary.

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