Tips for keeping in good repair a detached house or a villa

If you have cottage, villa or single family home is to know some basic maintenance tips.

When we have a villa or a townhouse, when considering maintenance actions we must take special care with the exterior, as opposed to a floor, in this type of housing, care and tightness of their outer surfaces; ceilings, walls and floors, are our direct responsibility and very important for overall maintenance.

Roofs: The roofs of our house are a vital element for the conservation of our whole house. We keep them in perfect condition, both for leaks and sealed to prevent ingress of rain water or heat loss in winter, while maintaining sound insulation elements, both cold and heat. Also important is the review and periodic cleaning of drainage systems rainwater, keeping them free of leaves or other items that could clog up the drain and disposal.
Walls: The walls are the walls between the warmth or coolness of our home and abroad, so its maintenance is necessary for the isolation and structural safety of our home. Ideally annual application is required for painting, also to renew the color and joy abroad, surfaced with a protective layer around the outside of our house. Also if necessary, be coated exterior walls with a waterproofing agent and / or antifungal to prevent moisture ingress into and the risks to health that it causes.
Soils and pavements: Keep them clean and in good condition is a factor not only aesthetic, but also safety, avoiding accidents and falls.

Each type of flooring or siding requires specific maintenance and recommended by the manufacturer or installer. Stick to it.

These simple actions will help keep your home in optimum storage conditions, ensuring your family and making profitable investment

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