Rising Damp and Treatment

Rising damp normally appears in walls built with a very bad thermal insulation. Water from the ground rises through the porous materials of the pavement and walls and spreads into the brickwork by means of capillary action, rising through fine cracks in the masonry.

Rising damp usually causes damp patches and stains up the wall up to about one metre. If the damp has not been detected or has been left it can seep higher up, spreading higher than two metres. Wet plasterwork or brickwork can be symptoms of rising damp. Another sign is if the skirting board is showing signs of rot and mould starts to appear on the walls. 

How to treat rising damp

A permanent treatment against dampness is to use the Aquasec System, a dry wall system installed by PLAN IT in collaboration with HUMISEC.

The Aquasec System is an active electro-osmosis system. It works with the inversion of the water molecules, applying a low voltage to the walls. The system inverts the electric polarity of the water between the floor and the wall, which makes the dampness go down to the ground instead of seeping up.

The advantages of using this system are as follows:

– Rising damp is kept completely under control

– Effective system from the very beginning

– We ensure an optimum installation with high quality material, which makes the system almost indestructible

– The permanent monitoring of the system is the best test for constantly checking its correct functioning

– The system has a guarantee of 30 years

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