Rehabilitation of village houses and rural houses

When we renovate rural areas or village houses following urban aesthetic we preserve the old towns or the area in which it is located, without generating contrast.

In Spain, the majority of citizens live in large urban centers, although almost everyone of us has at least a small part that comes from one of the many villages scattered within this beautiful country’s geography.

We always like to keep the roots wherever we have them and so during weekends, holidays and bridges, we enjoy visiting our rural homes and villages which reunites us so much with that feeling of rural tranquility. Eventually, there comes a point where we want a second home to our village, either because our family is growing or because we like to make visits quite often and we prefer to have our own place without having to worry about rent, space, etc.

But once reached that point there is always a dilemma: Building or renovating? The developable land in the villages is usually quite affordable economically and therefore there are many who are tempted to take a second newly built house, but… where is the rural flavour in these new buildings? Why would you end up having an apartment similar to one you might have in the capital cities thus completely out of tune with the magnificent environment which surrounds it?

The Spanish people have that old “saborcito” (“flavour/taste”), every civilisation that has been through its history has been leaving a trail, so we might just be in the most remote village in the mountain-framed streets laid out by the Arabs and it still will be preserved to perfection. Therefore it is crucial to maintain the aesthetics, and when there’s a need to modify any element of its component, it is in our obligation to preserve the authenticity of these ancient urban trusses.

Choosing to renovate an older home, you are contributing to preserve this historical and artistic legacy that has remained in many old towns for centuries. Besides, the age that a rural house can reach will not only make of it a unique home itself, but it will also highly revalue the property as time goes by. The renovation and rehabilitation of village houses in the old towns and villages takes you to live within the historical heritage, keeping it alive and becoming a part of it.

In Planit-at we are specialists in the rehabilitation and reformation of old village houses and are strong advocates of maintaining the heritage of our countryside. So if you are interested in a rehabilitation of an old house in a village please don’t hesitate to ask.

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