Nanotechnological waterproofing and protection

The effective use of nanotechnology in the waterproofing

What is it and what can you use it for?

It is a division of PLANIT, dedicated to the waterproofing and protection of vertical and horizontal surfaces, with the application of nanotechnology products.

What is nanotechnology?

It is a part of applied science devoted to the control and manipulation of matter at a scale smaller than a micrometer, ie level of atoms and molecules (nanomaterials).

Where can you apply these products?

These products can be applied to all surfaces, parts and objects built with porous materials that may be exposed to the action of water. It is applied as a water repellent by surface treatment. Highly recommended for facades, walls, exterior beams, etc..

What properties have?

  • Hydrophobizing product based in nanoparticles water repellent for porous substrates.
  • Avoid accumulation of water on the treated surfaces, forming droplets that carry with ease.
  • Limits the absorption of water / moisture from the material, while respecting the natural porosity of the material and maintaining their breathability.
  • High performance and long life.
  • Good resistance and high durability under heavy supeficies mechanical action and / or continuous abrasion.

We have technical specifications for our products and guarantees sheet.

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