“Las Alquerías”, traditional constructions in Levante area.

The maintenance of the architectonic patrimony of our land is not only for the old town houses, it is also for the traditional country houses, very typical in the Levante area.

In the surrounding area there are hundreds of these typical country houses. They originate back in the time of the Moorish occupation. Until quite recently these houses were occupied by the people who worked the land.

During the last century, with the end of the agricultural society and the beginning of industrialisation, many of these houses have been unoccupied, and after years of being abandoned they are now nearly in a state of ruin.

There are a number of people interested in maintaining the roots of these buildings, and they are trying to reform or refurbish these houses keeping the look and feel of how they were originally built.

In order to reform and refurbish these houses without causing any damage to the original architectural features is a difficult job and it has to be done following a complete study of all the materials and techniques that were originally used. This is why is of extreme importance to use a qualified professional who can handle the project with precision, and who survey all the jobs.

PLANIT offers highly-qualified professional building engineers in Elche – Alicante – Costa Blanca and the surrounding area. PLANIT has extensive experience in the refurbishment of old traditional country houses, and in adapting them to the way of live of the new owners whilst maintaining the essence of the house.

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