Keep your house insulated

Keep your house insulated.

We cannot really say that the intense summer heat is pleasant at all times. High temperatures can be so extreme, that an intelligent option is sometimes to stay out of the sun and try and keep cool at home.

Is it possible to keep the house insulated from the heat?

Yes, it is. If we have air conditioning units at home, we have to make sure that when the heat arrives we carry out a thorough maintenance of the machines. In doing so, we can avoid a substantial increase in the electrical bill. Here is some essential advice for keeping your house insulated from the heat and avoiding an expensive bill.

Advice for keeping our house insulated from the heat.

• Do not leave the windows open during the hottest part of the day.
• Use thermal insulation in the external walls.
• Install windows with broken thermal bridge.
• Use windows with polarised glass or double-glazing, which will help keep the house insulated from the heat.

Do not forget the maintenance of your air conditioning equipment

• If you regularly carry out a correct maintenance of your air conditioning machine, which means changing the filters and revising the installation, then you can be sure you are consuming electricity efficiently and avoiding any loss in the correct insulation of your house.

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